Keeping Your Boxer Dogs Indoors and Outdoors

Boxer dogs are indoor dogs so they must always be kept inside our homes, in a safely fenced yard, or on-leash.  But of course, they are not supposed to be inside your house all the time. They can still go for a walk at the dog park provided they have a full supervision. This section will enumerate the tips that will help your dog stay happy whether indoors or outdoors.

            Just like other pets, Boxer dogs like to see the outside world (they’re creatures after all) so why not open the curtains of your homes so they can have a foresight on the outside. Most dogs enjoy a nice view, especially when it’s sunny outside, the incoming light can improve your dog’s mood. Open also the windows so that your pet can get some fresh air. But make sure to do this only if you are at home and there’s someone to look after your dog. You can also try buying a treadmill for your Boxer dogs. It can be a great way to keep your dogs in good shape when you have no time to exercise them.

Your dog then can definitely exercise at home when it’s convenient whether you are sick or the weather is bad. Having a bond with your dog indoors is the best thing to do when you can’t go outside for a walk. Make sure to always make time for your Boxer pets. You may snuggle on the couch, make a brushing session, or even a massage will definitely keep them happy. You can also practice training your dog when you are inside your homes. Although it may seem boring, your Boxer dogs might enjoy this because it gives them a job and they are getting to work with you. Taking even just a small amount of time to practice tricks, obedience, etc. will keep your dog’s mind sharp and will eliminate boredom.

            As mentioned earlier, Boxer dogs are intended in indoors so it is not really recommended that he should be treated as an outdoor dog, even though he can moderately tolerate the hot and cold weather. So it’s better off leaving him inside your home with your family.

            You can let your Boxer dogs go outdoors like in the yard when he already reached eight weeks old. However, make sure that there are no other dogs that can get in and this includes other dogs you own. Make sure also that your yard is clean and that you have treated the ground for weeds and fleas. When your pet reached eight weeks old, you can take them outside for as long as you hold him at all times. His feet can never touch the ground outside until he has had all the necessary shots except in your back yard if it is safe.

You must avoid taking your dogs out in public areas until his puppy shots are already completed. This includes walking along the footpath, being out in your front yard, at the shops, in parks, in yards belonging to neighbours and so on. Your Boxer dogs must be 10 -12 weeks old before he can be safely taken outdoors but be sure you still have his leash at all times.

            It’s very unhealthy to keep your dog indoors at all times. Your home won’t have sufficient space for him to roam around unless you have a spacious mansion. It is necessary to give your Boxer pets a small amount of sunshine each day for Vitamin D. Besides, getting enough exercise for your pets is very essential. You have to plan your walks the same time each day so that he has something to look forward to. Exercises are important because it helps him get off diseases and he could be able to smell, hear and see new things. This makes his hearth healthy and balances out his muscle tone.

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